European Linguistic Standard for Tourism

The project’s final seminar and round table took place in September 2015 in the Faculty of Toruism of University of Málaga. In the seminar, named "Tecnological and Methodological Advances in the Teaching of Languages for Tourism ", attended the project partners as well as experts from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Professionals, multipliers, and stakeholders  (specific) language teaching or persons working in the field of tourism were also invited as specialists.

The first part of the seminar concerned the presentation of various innovative aspects in foreign language learning and teaching, such as OpenSim and intercultural communication (TILA Project) and Gamification (Yeepa). The main conclusion was that ICT must be underpinned in a pedagogical base in order to generate significative learning.

The second part was focused on SLEST 2.0, its results from piloting, main ideas and futre plans.